• About Chris Shihadeh

    Chris Shihadeh is a young entrepreneur headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has established several lucrative businesses, including a marketing agency, sales contact centers, and e-commerce operations. Mr. Shihadeh is the president of Skylab Digital, an industry leader in digital marketing and lead generation. His firm generates tens of thousands of calls daily for its clients by running internal adverts on significant platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, and TikTok.

    Current Duties and Accountabilities


    Mr. Shihadeh is the founder and president of Skylab Digital. The nine-member team at Skylab focuses on attracting interested people to their websites and producing calls or leads for its clients. They engage in several companies, including health insurance, Medicare, vehicle insurance, and others. Daily, over 8,000 calls are generated by major media platforms such as Facebook and Google through their websites. Skylab Digital is now licensed to provide insurance services in six states, with more to come.


    The market for direct-response advertising is dynamic. As client tastes continue to evolve, the Skylab Digital team has made significant technology investments to stay ahead of the curve. They employ cutting-edge tracking systems to link calls with the customers most likely to be able to assist them. Essential technologies include software that leverages artificial intelligence to engage consumers and industry-leading analytics systems that create internal and external benchmarks.


    Professional Knowledge


    Chris has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Even before he entered adolescence, his business outlook was shaped by lemonade stands and a neighborhood car wash. Twenty years later, this dedication has produced countless profitable firms. During his undergraduate years, he co-founded Consumer Tax Relief, a tax settlement organization whose mission is to assist Americans with IRS debt. CTR formed the foundation for ZipTax, LLC, which Chris and Jim Dougal co-founded in 2012. They quickly created a national brand, boosted by the rapid expansion of television and radio advertising. ZipTax's tax attorneys and enrollment specialists would resolve more than $50 million in IRS debt on behalf of its clients.


    Chris Shihadeh left his tax practice at the end of 2015 to launch a marketing firm. Marketing War was created to aid firms in their digital marketing efforts. After a few months of stagnation, he shifted to performance marketing and focused on the finance sector. Marketing War generated more than 2500 daily student loan calls within a few weeks.


    With the refinancing boom in full gear, Marketing War began supplying mortgage leads for some of the nation's largest lenders and operating under the trade name Lender Daily to solidify its position in the mortgage industry. Lender Daily has sold over $1,500 in daily mortgage leads over many years, resulting in over $500 million in financed loans. Mr. Shihadeh saw the need to diversify his enterprises and began working in auto insurance, health insurance, and other industries.


    Education's Past and Continuing Education


    In 2008, Mr. Shihadeh transferred from Santiago Canyon College to California State University, Fullerton. He left college to pursue a business project that resulted in the establishment of ZipTax. He maintains his education by enrolling in many courses and seminars geared at enhancing his leadership skills and his company's profitability.


    Qualifications and Experience Professional


    Mr. Shihadeh engages in personal development and frequently attends events given by the world's best, such as Tony Robbins, Chris Voss, and Ed Mylett, to generate fresh growth ideas and revitalize his businesses and investments.

    He also studies and attends more seminars and lectures on development and leadership.


    Chris is a member of Entrepreneur Organization, one of the largest peer networks for midsize to large enterprises in the globe.
    • Digital marketing is an essential skill and field of study.
    • Establishing, developing, and growing businesses.
    • Overcoming obstacles and bouncing back from setbacks
    • Philanthropy and Donations to Charity


    Mr. and Mrs. Shihadeh give to a range of charities. For many years, he was associated with Fed-Up, a Southern California non-profit that fed and clothed the homeless. Chris Shihadeh donates to local school sports programs and works with Save the Youngsters to sponsor two Vietnamese and Bolivian children. He also has a long-term philanthropic objective in mind. A five-year aim is to build and launch a school for disadvantaged children in his wife's homeland Vietnam.


    Realizations and achievements


    2022 was Skylab Digital's first entry on the Inc. 5000 list.
    It was a great pleasure for Mr. Shihadeh and the Skylab Digital team as the firm continues to grow and prosper.


    Personal pastimes and pursuits


    Chris is a newlywed who aspires to grow his family by 2023's end. He enjoys excellent sushi, golf, reading, sports, SCUBA diving, and travel.

    Mr. Shihadeh plans to establish an investment and mentorship program for prospective entrepreneurs soon, with a significant emphasis on aiding entrepreneurs in building successful launch strategies, expanding networks, and structuring investments for long-term growth.